Hi own "Studio
painting with a palette knife".

Spend the master-classes of painting with a palette knife 
at the address: Moscow, street 9-Park, d. 6 korp.1
Pre-registration by phone +79057297279

Will consider offers master classes in other cities. Write, call.
 I will be glad to cooperation.

Member of the Creative Union of Professional artists.

In 1995 he graduated from the architectural Institute. 
Still a student, became interested in painting and sculpture, but after studying seriously engaged in the visual arts.

Paint with oil, brush and palette knife. My painting bright, pastose, full of light, movement and musical rhythm. 
It harmoniously merges with soul of the nature which lessons infinitely valuable and various, I try to implement in his work.

about MYSELF:

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself :).
Hello. My name is Alexander Sergeyev. I am an artist and teacher, head of the Studio of painting with a palette knife . Live and work in Moscow.
2. Blitz poll: favorite color, a favorite tool of the artist, favorite season, favorite flower, favorite dish.
The color of sun, gold-orange, spatula, summer, peony, sunflowers, daisies, seafood.
3. Do you remember the moment when You finally and irrevocably decided to become an artist? What was the reason for such a decision? 
Don't remember, never even thought of becoming an artist. The decision was taken most likely with difficulty and doubt. Broach the closest people.
4. There is an opinion that family and friends do not always support the passion for painting, what about your house? You have a family there are artists?
Not always. I have so evolved over the life of that surrounded by all always knew I could draw. But I became an artist, no one expected, not even me. Artists in the family, but of relatives began to emerge. Apparently I have infected:) 
5. As You mastered the art? Intuitively. Where do you study? Did You have a mentor? 
Graduated from Architectural Institute in Kyrgyzstan. Very long time very first, people's artist of Kyrgyzstan Berebin Mikhail Kuzmich. I first saw the oil paintings in his Studio in an informal, home setting.
- Please tell us a little about your creative journey.
I'm self-taught ( in painting ) for over 20 years. Largely copied others, watching, remembered, and tried. First gave their paintings, and then began to offer.
6. You are just extraordinary paintings of flowers. Please tell us how You found your style? 
Once I saw how one Japanese TV (I was not an artist) some of the "metal blades" painted large flowers. I didn't know then that this tool is the palette KNIFE. The paintings were light and flowers they came out as if in flight, such dancing. Think it's me and inspired...
7. Where do You find inspiration, as ideas for new works?
Usually this happens unexpectedly, spontaneously.
8. Who from artists has had on Your creativity the most significant impact?
Artist Daurova Rum. I happened to see on opening day in Moscow in 1998, about CHA of its work. They were similar to the style of the Japanese, which I long ago saw on TV.
9. Are there any topics in art that is not attracted to?
The theme of "demonism", war, violence, sophistication, abstraction can (not all ).... Very carefully think about this. I do not recommend the views of these paintings and even more so to purchase and store at home!
10. Tell us please, what in Your opinion traits define a true artist? 
The artist must first and foremost be open and creative giver, for the viewer it is IMPORTANT. Must be sincere.
11. Do You have many close friends of the artists? Looking on Your website the photo gallery shows, I cannot but ask, what kind of creative relationship do You have with the famous artist Nikas Safronov? :)
Friends of the artists as a rule no, personally I have little talk, mostly only at exhibitions, it is now. Photo of Nikolai Semenovich, it is likely to support, and words of the layman – PR.
12. In addition to painting than You do in your free time? Please tell us a little about your Hobbies?
Love to travel, play sports, usually swimming and running.
13. If You are just beginning your career, how would You have built your training and development to get the knowledge You possess now as soon as possible, as efficiently as possible?
It's hard to say.. that day is not today...the Era of 3D, 4D and...of the Internet opened the way, there is no bans.. the more you write, and observe others, the more you get new information over, new horizons, creative "road" on which you walk becomes wider. Now I try on my workshops to tell and share most all that I know.
14. There is an opinion that the artist to create something amazing you need to be either "hungry" or to constantly be in emotional shock. How do You feel about this viewpoint?
It is not excluded.. all artists it's different.
15. You spend offline master classes of painting in Moscow, tell us a little about what motivated You to train other people, in what format you have conducted master classes, and a little about your students and their results?
I've always asked to give lessons usually come to exhibitions with these proposals. I was wondering, what is not yet ripe, denied that is not ready yet and it's not mine. Now of course I realize I was wrong. Because almost every person has a talent and desire to draw. You just need to tell and show him how I do it and answer his questions. Because through paint and paintings, reveal this talent, and then it's just a person growing and improving. Most of my students already write and sell their paintings. This is important to me and very nice.
16. In Your opinion how in the modern world it is important for the artist to be able to commercialize their art?
Yes, this is IMPORTANT! You need not be afraid and do not be shy to exhibit their work on the show, otherwise it won't know the truth evaluate your creativity, to find their audience, their fans, lovers of "Your" style, your manner of writing. To participate in exhibitions. 
17. What are your plans for the near future? Perhaps preparing unusual interesting art project with Your participation?
To paint and conduct master classes. To chat live with people. This is important! for communication in the language of paint transforms and elevates both parties. Plan, to open your regular school. To do workshops in other cities and not only in Russia.
18. What real artist is enough for happiness? :)
I think the answer in paragraph 17. and to be in demand. 
19. Please give some advice to readers of the Art of recipes, as well as those who stand at the very beginning of his career in painting.

- Trust your taste, you are needed in the picture the action, not the dance of the doubt.
- try to write as often as possible;
- do not skimp on the paint;
- do not buy the paint in sets; 
- pay no attention to criticism. Find companions to their creativity.
- more recognized copy the great masters;
- do not throw away the previously written pattern.
- when working, especially with a palette knife, easier to use fine-grained canvas on a stretcher, it is better to work on the canvas where filling of more cotton than flax.
a palette knife should not be hard.
- try different styles in painting to find your.
- listen to your favorite music while working to set up the heart. It tunes much faster than the hands and arms will help.

- Be an entrepreneur in selling his paintings. Do not doubt the value of your product. Connect to yourself as a Creator and seller. This will help develop the skill much faster.

- The workplace should be organized perfectly comfortable. If it is possible to allocate a room or at least 2 m2.

- Trust yourself, listen to yourself, believe in your capabilities and act without rules and restrictions for the time being. Then I'll deal with what you did.

- Beat the lack of skills, breathing life into the picture, emotion, taste, act, gesture.

- I recommend to work standing, so you can easily move away from the painting to see it from a distance in General. And don't forget to depart!

- During work, use your palette knife and brushes, selecting them for each and every task. Do not forget with a thin brush in his hand. Most use a large palette knife and brush for ease of writing and generalizations. Palette knife, rag, finger, sponge let them be equal participants in the creative process. Try to find in the picture something that you can do with these tools.

- Don't be afraid to write in large formats.

Don't listen to "vanity" boards. Listen to simple and clear recommendations.

- Create a website where you post the first 10 of his paintings and will post their pictures in 10 online galleries. You will receive a huge audience of spectators, fans and even friends from the world of artists.

20. And last, a little question: Alexander, please ask yourself in Your opinion important, but not yet voiced in this interview question, and give an answer. 
Alexander, are You a happy person? -YES!